• Roxanna Safdia

When Manipulators Close Their Ears...

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Toxic spaces and toxic people do not like to hear that they are behaving in a toxic manner. They will defend, fight, and close their ears to any proof that they need to improve or change. On top of that they will shift blame back on to the person raising the concerns.

This is why trying to create change with a person who is used to being in power and control is nearly impossible.

How can people create change in a relationship when the other person is closed off?

It is hurtful to voice your concerns to people who do not see or (intentionally want to see) an issue. This is why it is important to become self aware that some people love to drain you of the little bit of energy you do have. This is a fallacy tactic called Argumentum ad Ignorantiam: (appeal to ignorance).

Appealing to ignorance is an easy tactic many people can utilize to pretend they do not understand a basic concept. If they can make someone believe and feign ignorance they can continue to pretend the issue does not exist. It is essentially crazy-making the other person to keep them in a confused state of mind and they can drop the conversation all together.

The best way is to figure out how to protect yourself, your energy, your time, your empathy, and understanding. These people rely on your gifts to exploit them. Start to work with someone who understands these types of conflict dynamics.

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