• Roxanna Safdia

The Beginning of the End

One day I said no more.⁣

I was all the way done.⁣

I chose myself and the family I created.⁣

This was the beginning of the end of a cycle that consumed me from birth.⁣

I was no longer full of anxiety and fear due to external people.⁣

I knew I would make it. I knew in my heart that in order for me to heal I had to make a choice.⁣

I had to stop messing around with people who only saw me as a punching bag.⁣

I had to stop giving away chances to people who repeated the same hurtful situations.⁣

It was always the same. The only thing that changed was the topic. The pain inflicted was always the same.⁣

Generational abuse breaks families apart. It’s not the person who goes no contact. It’s the abuse.⁣

I write / I speak / I express the hurt that comes from experiencing generational cultural abuse.⁣

And I’m never going to stop .....⁣


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