• Roxanna Safdia

Silencing Survivors

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of other people telling victims/survivors to hide abuse under the rug. This is a serious issue that keeps abuse and abusive situations normalized.

If the person you are speaking to about what has transpired does everything to shift blame back onto you then thats a clear indicator that they are not equipped to understand abuse. If they struggle with demonstrating empathy then they need to refer they victim/survivor to someone else.

People need to stop telling victims to enable abuse because they are the party that can be spoken with. I see this behavior run constantly and consistently in familiar situation.

That’s abuse while the abuser remains unaccountable.⁣

This is a hot and difficult topic to talk about because people are afraid to go there.⁣

It’s a fact that flying monkeys, enablers, and others will press a victim to forgive and coerce them to submit to the abuser because having the same conversation with an abuser rarely happens.⁣

People find that holding an abuser accountable is difficult because an abuser is full of pushback. The person who tries to hold the abuser accountable will suffer the same expulsion/banishment treatment. Sometimes being a victim, a survivor, or a thriver is isolating work. But even then, being free of this whole situation is better than being stuck in the cycle of abuse.⁣

I rather have less people around me who DO NOT enable coercion and abuse. This is a life saving choice.

Silencing Victims

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