• Roxanna Safdia


Parentified children have been taking care of the family since birth. For whatever reason you were given the role to take care of the family and it is not ok.

We all know we must care for the people we love but when people are parentified; it is a burden.

The adult child is not responsible for their parents...

1. Trauma

2. Constant emotional workload

3. Livelihood

4. Their retirement plan ❕

5. Holding the family together

6. Dealing with never ending conflict

7. Being their confidant/ emotional counselor/ etc

- continue this list or make your own.

As a child you weren’t parented. You parented yourself. Your primary relationship is confusing so it is hard to relate to others. You are not crazy. You’ve been parentified.

You deserved parents. You deserve unconditional love. You also deserve support. It’s ok to grieve what was not available to you. It’s not easy to forget how you feel or avoid how you feel. It is ok to make space to feel what you feel authentically. You are not betraying your parents by expressing how you feel.

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