• Roxanna Safdia

Normalize Outgrowing People

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

It’s normal to outgrow other people. That doesn’t mean we have to stop loving them. It only means that we have reached a space where we can let go of that aspect in search of another one.⁣

For example, I noticed that my social media accounts as getting repetitive and it felt stale. I was tired of seeing the same content that just isn’t serving me anymore. Nothing wrong with the content some of it is spectacular but I’m not learning anything new. So I let it them go instead of feeling stuck or disillusioned, I took action instead.⁣

Sometimes there’s a space for processing and for action. Sometimes we outgrow our own teachers, coaches, therapists and it’s ok to move on to others that can be more beneficial for you.⁣

We have to normalize letting go of certain parts of a relationship that used to keep you enmeshed with another person. For example, you had great relationship conversations with a friend but now you have a coach that you trust. Now you don’t need to have those long winded conversations with your friend anymore and it opens up the space for your own relationship to grow.⁣

The same ideology applies in romantic relationships. My own personal example: I used spend an enormous amount of time venting to my husband about the unhealthy relationships in my life. That was causing strain in our relationship. Now I have other people who are qualified to help me through some of those issues. It has opened up my relationship with my husband in a different space. Our relationship has been expanding into our new normal.⁣

We change depending on how we are opening up, processing, and taking action in our lives. If ok to analyze where you need to make actionable changes in your life. Normalizing it will help you get rid of that guilt and shame we tend to carry from conditioning. #outgrowingpeople

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