• Roxanna Safdia

Generational Trauma:

Narcissistic mothers have an empty hole from not getting their own needs met from their parents. They in turn can train their innocent young children to be at their beck and call because they did not have that in their own lives. Their empty hole can mean neediness and is excessive. On the flip side, narcissism does also look like neglect and aloofness. The main issue arises when others in the family system continue to make excuses, give plenty of "breaks" and "passes" to horrid behavior, and enabling due to the person's "label" (mother, father, sibling, grandparent, etc).

The enmeshment that arises from the familiar narcissistic behavior does not derive from a healthy standpoint. The goal of the familiar enmeshment is to blur the lines of boundaries over spans of generations. Sometimes the children become parents to their own siblings as well as parents to their own parents.

How can this pattern change or break? It starts with you. It starts with you wanting something different. You have to know deep inside that things can and will have to change. The status quo needs a shake up.

What are you doing to create active change? Comment your thoughts down below if you feel comfortable sharing.

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