Do you face challenges distinguishing the differences between boundaries and having a wall up?

Do people take advantage of your good nature constantly?

Are you becoming cold and reactive because you are tired of people taking advantage?

Are you tired of feeling depleted day after day?

Are you running out of energy because you are focused on issues that are not your own?

Are any of your relationships guilting you for wanting to work on yourself?

If you answered Yes to the questions above, you are in a transformation period in your life.

During your life time, there are periods where change is a must. We must truly embrace the heartache of our past experiences in order to get unstuck from their pain.

How can we do this effectively?

We can come together in a workshop session to address your own personal pain that will help guide and transform your life. You might be struggling with eating habits, over drinking at times, a culmination of nonstop consuming fights with others, in which all of these leave you open for attacks from people who are waiting to take advantage. It’s time to get your life back. It’s time to stop suffering in silence. It’s time to put in that mental work.

I am excited to introduce this workshop to provide you a safe place to open up and start doing the healing work. 

We are going to address some real deep pain during this session but this is the place to open up so you can free yourself.

What is a group healing workshop session?

This is a workshop group session with like minded individuals who want to learn to transform their lives, self empower themselves when an energy vampire engages with them, and how to get their power back. This is a group setting experience where you can experience the support of others who are going through and have gone through similar experiences. There is validation in this group setting because we are all survivors.

Who is this session for?

This session is for anyone who is or has been caught in a cycle of abuse. Anyone who is stuck in life and wants to learn tools that can help you personally.

What software do I need to participate in the session?

The group takes place online via ZOOM video chat.  Zoom can be accessed through a computer or through their app.

This is a video session which allows you to share your camera along with chat capabilities and voice.

Spots for group sessions are limited and are filling up fast

Upcoming Session Date and Time:

February 8th at 7 PM CST

Zoom Online (Remote)

The session will last about an hour.