1.Are you ready to take the leap to make your business stand out on Instagram?

2. Do you want to feel heard on Instagram?

3. Are you have a hard time finding your audience?

4. Do you feel overwhelmed with promoting yourself online?

5. Do you have questions with maintaining a steady growth of organic followers?

6. Does the thought of speaking on video makes you feel overwhelmed?

7. Are you curious about how the algorithm works on Instagram?

If you answered yes, then let's get started. I am ready to connect with you. I am passionate about growing on social because I have experience with establishing a true authentic connection with my audience. I look past the vanity metrics of likes, comments, and the number of followers. There is a direct method if you do care about making a difference, getting to know people for real, and looking past your own self reservations.


Why Me?

I have a total of 48K organic followers on Instagram all built from authentic connections.

The importance of being
social on social

I often get messages from other content creators who are having a hard time figuring out how or what to do with their social media account. 

They express their frustrations because they thought it would simple just to open an Instagram account and people would flock to their accounts. While Instagram may be simple for someone who has a regular account with a bunch of selfies, I hear you when you say you want to take it to the next level. You want to build an audience for your business. This is your baby. You may have invested time and energy into a few courses or checked out a few youtube videos but they left you dissatisfied.


I am here to help you. Im not going to offer a course that is created for a bunch of people. I am here to help you specifically! Get ready to jump right in and work social media to work for you.




It is time to be authentically you on social media.

Instagram session

A 90 minute session where we discuss Instagram in detail.