- I am here to offer an unfiltered approach to people who are or have been in unhealthy interpersonal relationships. Many people struggle because unhealthy relationships are rooted in abuse, not conflict. Thus, it is difficult to find people who truly understand the devastation that occurs in these types of relationships. Unhealthy interpersonal relationships aren't limited to romantic relationships and can involve parents, siblings, peers, and more.





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The chances are that you found this site searching for answers. The cycle of abuse is an experience that the abuser conditions into our consciousness through lived experiences. When victims articulate how they feel to an abuser, the abuser will immediately shut it down, gaslight, stonewall, deflect and manipulate. This method of abuse teaches the victim not to speak up about their experiences in the relationship. Therefore the victim immediately learns to placate their abuser to de-escalate the abuse. But deep inside, the victim's intuition keeps them on high alert (hyper vigilance due to triggers) of the danger they are currently experiencing or have experienced.

I am a consultant and a coach specializing in abuse and trauma recovery from interpersonal unhealthy relationships. I am academically trained in with a Master of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. I also help victims and survivors to safely unravel their experiences in a safe space, giving them the words and tools to understand their past and present abuse.

Showing up for others while modeling healthy behaviors is what is important in this journey. It is actively showing others your most inner capabilities. If you can demonstrate it through actions so can they. 

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